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Southery is a small village located 6 miles south of Downham Market and 11 miles north of Ely, on the edge of the Cambridge border in Norfolk on the A10 and is predominantly an arable farming community. Surrounded by the fens, the landscape is flat with few trees with most of the fields below the waterline of the major tributarys in the area of the Wissey and Little Ouse.
The purpose of this site is to provide Southery with it's own window to the world via the interweb. It relies on the submissions of the Southery online community and with luck will expand and grow into a useful tool for the local residents. If you feel you have anything to contribute to the site, please email me
Southery.Com is a non profit site. Any monies raised via the site is donated to the Swish fund.

All Southery.Com, including photographic and videographic material is copyright. No material may be reproduced, printed in whole or in part without my express permission.

Up Coming Events


Event: Phil's Ride 2019
Date: 25th Aug 2019
Time: 11 am to 10.30pm
Location: Playing Field then Old White Bell


Last update: 12th Aug 2019

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